How to Minimize Ads Displayed in Gmail

How to Minimize Ads Displayed in Gmail

Last week Google has updated its terms of service to explain the manner in which the company automatically scans and analyze user’s email to deliver what it calls as “targeted” advertising. As per Google, these changes are intended to give more clarity to users, and also make the company’s privacy policy easier to understand.

Basically this change doesn’t in any way makes any difference, and Google will continue to scan your emails to show targeted ads. By now if you’ve learned to ignore these ads displayed in above, below and in the sidebar, then it’s well and good, but if you still feel annoyed by this then there’s something that you can do. Note that there is no way to completely hide all ads, but you can at least opt out of interest based ads. You can also hide the ad that is displayed at the top of every message that you’re reading. So let’s learn how to do this.

Opt out of interest based ads on Gmail

To opt out, head over to Google’s Ad Settings page, scroll down and then you’ll find an option for “Opt-out settings.” From there, click on “Opt out” link for “Opt out of interest-based ads on Google.”

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With this done, Google will not display ads based on your personal interest. There’s also an another option to opt out of interest based ads across the entire web. You might even want to check out this option.

Remove text ads above every Gmail message

To remove the small text banner advertisement that sits above every Gmail message, click on the Gear icon from the top-right corner and then click on Settings. Go to the Web Clips tab and then uncheck the option for “Show my web clips above the Inbox.”


Apart from these tips, you can also install the Gmelius extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera to block all ads. This app basically allows you to customize the look of your Gmail, by selecting what you want to see, and what you want to hide. There are many other such customization options that this extension provides.

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