Jamie Dinan At SALT: Industrial Companies Next Hot M&A Space

Jamie Dinan At SALT: Industrial Companies Next Hot M&A Space
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Jamie Dinan, York Capital, shares his thoughts on where he expects to see the next big global deals. Think industrials, suggests Dinan.

Jamie Dinan’s next M&A hot spot

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the then that’s doing well for us is the event-driven space, particularly the mergers and acquisitions. lastly for the last couple of years, most deals have been in the telecom and health care space. tons of deals globally, and we’ve played a lot of it. this year, in particular, we’ve seen a huge broadening a lot more industries, Volkswagen AG (ADR) (OTCMKTS:VLKAY) (ETR:VOW) just announced yesterday they bought the minority stake that they wanted.rolls royce over in england trying to buy finland’s big marine engine company.these are all very large multi billion-dollar transactions.consumer, we saw Hillshire Brands Co (NYSE:HSH) buying pinnacle, seeing Walgreen Company (NYSE:WAG)’s buy the best of boots. so you’re saying m&a will broaden out across a bunch of different sectors? it’s broadening, because many of the companies’ ceos are seeing the economy as a glass half full, not half empty.the economy is doing better.they’re getting a lot more confidence.and this broadening bodes very well not just for our strategy,but we think for the markets as a whole and the economy. so for people looking for themes within the market,investing in industrials may notbe a bad idea if the m&a spreads into that space more and continues, you know, forward. the answer is absolutely.and think of industrials not just u.s. industrials, but think european industrials, as well.there’s a lot of european industrials that are out there,they’re tracking in price, and could be subject to m&a.

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