How To Save Money And Time: Value Investor Edition

How To Save Money And Time: Value Investor Edition

How To Save Money And Time

The Most Valuable Lesson I Learned Regarding Money and Time

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There are two valuable things in investing.
Building wealth and your time.
Notice I did not say money. Because money is a tool. It isn’t wealth.
But why time?

How To Save Money And Time: Four hour workweek

One of the ways my thinking changed over the past 2 years was after I started reading and following a guy named Tim Ferris.
Now this guy is all about maximizing efficiency and becoming the best at whatever you do.
The catch is that he doesn’t do anything in a conventional way. He completely breaks the mold of whatever you thought was the normal way and goes about hacking ways to get better faster.
His book “The 4-Hour Workweek” motivated me to change my mindset about money and time. Especially when it came to investing and old school value.
You see, I’m a cheapo.
When my toothpaste runs out, I’ll cut it in half and scrape the remaining. That would still be good for another week of teeth brushing.
When I go grocery shopping, I compare the same product by how much I’m paying per ounce.
But Tim Ferris completely flipped my world upside down.
Before, I was so hung up on what something cost and trying to save a few bucks here and there.
I wasn’t thinking about the ultimate benefit of how it was going to help me save time, quicken my speed of learning and research and let me focus on more important things.
Think of it as glass half empty thinking.
I’d waste hours price shopping different investment and business tools just to save $2 a month.

How To Save Money And Time: Realization

I love investing and working on Old School Value but I was fretting too much about cost instead of framing it properly as an investment.
In my grocery shopping example above, I was willing to spend 30 minutes comparing 5 different stir fry sauces just to save $2.
Instead of quickly choosing and going home to write more blog posts, work on my business or spend quality time with my wife, I chose to waste 30 min simply to save $2.
I was valuing my time as $4 an hour in that situation. More than 50% below minimum wage.

How To Save Money And Time: Investing

Same with investing.
I was so cheap I wasn’t willing to sign up for some really good services or newsletter that was going to help me get things done quicker.
You can relate right?
I bet you feel like you just don’t have enough time and everything is overwhelming.

How To Save Money And Time: Simple ideas

Well, I stopped doing anything that I view as below my hourly fair value.
  • Instead of comic books, I read business and investment books.
  • Instead of news, I ask a news freak friend to tell me what’s happening in the world.
  • Instead of learning to code and design, I pay for 100x better results.
  • and more.
That’s my secret.
One of the biggest time and energy killers is trying to filter quality stocks and calculate intrinsic value the right way.
You have to go through so many SEC filings, or hunt 3-5 different websites for financial data and then you end up wanting to reassure yourself with other people’s estimates.

How To Save Money And Time: Just stop!

Instead of spending weeks, months or years building your own spreadsheets, the Stock Analyzer that I’ve built is already made for you.
A ready made automatic solution built upon 5 years of research, development and testing is already available for you.
It automatically pulls high quality and accurate financial data which eliminates you having to manually enter data into spreadsheets.
This is a pure value investors tool which I use personally everyday for my investing needs. The whole point is to simplify and speed up complex valuation and fundamental analysis so that you can quickly identify quality stocks to invest in.
Before, if you were researching 1-2 stocks a month, in the same amount of time, you can go through 10-20 stocks a month.
And until Monday Midnight, you can get a 15% discount.
Get a rare 15% discount from Old School Value until Monday Midnight only.

I regularly get testimonials from investors like yourself who made the decision to sign up and have made big gains in two ways.

  1. Buying great value stocks
  2. Avoiding bad stocks they would have bought without the OSV Analyzer
The other day, a long time user was telling me how he bought Potash (POT) based on the Morningstar recommendation. But he ran across CF Industries (CF) with the OSV Analyzer. It was screaming at him that CF was a cheap buy so he picked up a small position.
What happened?
Potash collapsed but CF soared.

How To Save Money And Time: Morals of story

Moral of the story? Do your own analysis and value your own stocks.
The OSV Analyzer makes it very easy for you to take control of your investments and will save you a boatload of time in the process.
If you haven’t done so already, sign up for the 15% discount valid only for this weekend.

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