Paul Craven is a coach, consultant and public speaker in the area of Behavioral Finance. His talk on “The Mind, Markets and Magic” reveals why human beings have hardwired biases and often make ‘mental shortcuts’ – whether in the field of finance, more broadly in life or even when watching a magician. With 27 years investment experience at Schroders plc (LON:SDR), PIMCO and most recently Goldman Sachs Group Inc (NYSE:GS), and as a lover of history, Paul’s talk highlights some of the key biases shown by investors, as seen, for example, in stockmarket bubbles. As a member of the exclusive Magic Circle, Paul appreciates how the mind can play tricks, and delivers a talk that is highly interactive with the audience. He concludes by offering practical advice on how firms and individuals can use behavioral finance for their competitive advantage. He also enjoys, as @ CravenPartners, tweeting about Behavioural Finance.

Behavioral Finance: “The Mind, Magic and Markets”