Manoj Narang Vs Katsuyama Heated Bloomberg Debate [FULL VIDEO]


Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt” Author Michael Lewis discusses his book, trading and the stock market on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.

Manoj Narang Vs Katsuyama: Nobody understands the stock market


I had one other incident like this when i published “moneyball” but they were not going to — threatening to throw old baseball scouts into jail, but it feels similar to this.

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The instigator, there is a character that has taken a different view of the industry and has investigated — the character in the book — there is a similar feel to me.

The reaction reminds me of that.

Everybody has to have an opinion about the book right away, whether they have read it or not.

So that is similar.

Is the opinion about the book or about the claim that the market is rigged?

Well, it is rigged.

You read the book, i do not think you could put the book down and say that it is not rigged.

We can parse the word rigged.

Maybe we should.

Let me give you an analogy to the way the stock market is structured.