Most Americans Prefer A Savings Account To Stocks

Most Americans Prefer A Savings Account To Stocks

Even after last year’s bull market and indexes that have doubled since 2009, most Americans still don’t trust the stock market. A recent survey of 1000 households by Bankrate found that 73% of Americans are more interested in safe, low-yield investments (including savings accounts) than in buying stocks, reports Allison Ross at

While you would expect some reticence after the financial crisis, it seems to have lasted longer than after previous crashes. “A lot of individual investors got burned twice and as a result they swore off investing in equities,” said chief financial analyst Greg McBride, who argues that inflation risk does more damage to portfolios than volatility in equity markets.

Massif Capital’s Top Short Bets In The Real Asset Space [Exclusive]

Screenshot 2022 08 10 18.57.51 1Since its founding by Will Thomson and Chip Russell in June 2016, the Massif Capital Real Asset Strategy has outperformed all of its real asset benchmarks. Since its inception, the long/short equity fund has returned 9% per annum net, compared to 6% for the Bloomberg Commodity Index, 3% for the 3 MSCI USA Infrastructure index Read More