Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Fans Are Crazy, Or Maybe Just Passionate

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Fans Are Crazy, Or Maybe Just Passionate
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A couple of interesting articles about Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) caught our eyes today. In one, a fan considers if the next presidential limo was a Tesla, and in another, a fan created a pretty fun commercial showing what it must be like to sit behind the wheel of a Model S.

Tesla fans made an awesome commercial

Auto Blog Green picked up an excellent Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) commercial put together a fan. Although Tesla did tweet about the nifty ad, it didn’t put it together. Perhaps the automaker needs to hire someone with more talent in creating viral videos. But I digress.

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The new ad runs a minute long and shows a kid creating a spaceship using a cardboard box and some crayons. Then, the child runs into the garage and sees—you guessed it—Dad’s Model S. After climbing behind the wheel, the car is magically transformed into a rocket, and we see some beautiful images of outer space through the windshield of the car. The child even knows how to use the touch screen. And of course when Dad catches his kid behind the wheel, what does he do? Naturally he puts on a cardboard space helmet and joins in on the fun. It’s a cute video that’s definitely worth watching.

What if the next presidential limo was a Tesla?

A separate article on Motor Authority considers whether the next presidential limo should be a car made by Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA). After all, the Secret Service is preparing to replace the old Beast with a new car, so maybe an all-electric vehicle would be the right choice, especially if the government wants to send a message about fuel efficiency.

So if Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) designed a limousine for the president, what might it look like? Of course the armored plating underneath the battery pack would have to be improved to avoid the risk of fire from running over an object in the road. It might also have the same all-wheel-drive system that will be in the upcoming Model X and possibly an air suspension system which would prevent the centering problems which the car before the Beast had.

The 4G Internet could also come in quite handy, although security on it would have to be ramped up to keep hackers from being able to see not only where the president is at any given moment but also see what is being sent to or received by the presidential limo.

The author also suggests a black SUV with a battery extender to offer charging on the fly so that the president could get away easily without having to locate a Supercharger or even leave the vehicle.

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  1. There’s nothing wrong with touchscreens, and why wouldn’t they allow it? It’s fast, intuitive, and very capable. Wireless update capabilities would be a no-no though. The tech has probably already been cleared by the secret service considering it’s not really that new anymore. It is 2014 after all.

    “The main issue with the EV is that while the president does not normally have to drive long distances, it has to be ready to do so.” No it doesn’t because if he had to travel a long distance, he’d be taking the helicopter or Air Force One.

  2. Elon Musk is one of the most tech savy CEOs in the world. He knows how to use social media to his advantage and young people gravitate towards that. If Tesla can survive for another ten years, this can become an overwhelming advantage for the company as generational shift will be in their favor.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised by a plugin hybrid similar the the Volt myself. If it wasn’t so politicized after it first came out, we may have already seen a presidential PHEV. The main issue with the EV is that while the president does not normally have to drive long distances, it has to be ready to do so.
    While a fully decked out Tesla can travel long distances, loading it down with armor would probably be asking for too much at this stage.

    The other issue is that new technology would have to be cleared with secret service. The president isn’t allowed to use an iPhone because of security concerns. It is doubtful they would allow a car that is controlled by a giant touch screen.

  4. I know that Tesla doesn’t support ICEs. The next presidential limo won’t be a Tesla so I was postulating that it would be a PHEV or at least a hybrid.

    The fact still stands that the presidential limo doesn’t drive the President very long distances. So current EV tech would do just fine for the next limo.

  5. Even if the adapter is either partially or wholly at fault, it is misleading to suggest that there is a “recall” on the entire car. And that the entire car is not safe. This is simply not true. At best it is a flaw in one adapter, which is one separate piece of the UMC (Universal Mobile Connector) which is not the only way to charge the car.

    If an owner is that worried they can easily have a HPWC (High Powered Wall Connector) installed, which already has fuses in it which will blow if it detects an issue. To my knowledge there have been no reports of issues with this charging device.

    When publicly charging, you will commonly use the j1772 adapter, there is no need to modify this adapter since the base station you are charging from is required to meet certain guidelines and the adapter itself is required to meet certain guidelines that would prevent issue.

    Finally the SuperChargers, which also, have not had any reported melting or fires.

    You call me a shill? You should be ashamed that you are suggesting that the entire car is unsafe, and will burn your house down, when at BEST it is ONE part of ONE of the charging options (out of three) available, which has not been definitively proven to be the root cause of the issue (it just happens to be the weakest link in the chain).

    Also, you are correct, perfectly wired houses can and do still cause issues with the adapter, because a lot of times the power fluctuations come from down the street. Which is why you are supposed to install a surge protector onto the house itself (or at least off this circuit) in order to prevent that issue. The fuse built into the adapter essentially eliminates the need to do that.

  6. For the record, your post is misleading, and ignorant.

    The fact is Tesla’s charging adapters and related connectors have been known to overheat, melt and burn for about a year possibly more. Tesla and Tesla shills like yourself have tried to pin the blame on wall outlets and house wiring despite, the Tesla charge connectors are known to overheat when there isn’t faulty housewarming or faulty outlets. Several people have been injured by faulty overheating, melting and burning Tesla charge connectors.

    Tesla charger connections have been determined to be a possible source of a garage fire by a fire department in orange county California.

    Sure there has been some cases house wiring may have been a cause or a contributing factor in some instances, however that should not be used to divert attention away from faulty Tesla designs.

    Tesla and shills like you are playing blame game and semantic games.

    The Tesla model S. is being recalled for bad charge connections that are a fire hazard. The houses and wall outlets are not being recalled.

    Are people going to have to die from faulty Tesla designs before Tesla and Tesla shills start taking safety seriously?

    Allegedly almost 3% (about 900) charge adapters have been returned or reported defective.

    Allegedly a Canadian Tesla customer has to pay to replace a defective recalled charge connector that had overheated and melted.

    You should take the work of experts, instead of other shills.

  7. For the record there were not even 30k Model S’s on the road at the time of the recall being initiated. This was a recall of the adapter only, not the car. There is nothing wrong with the adapter itself, it is the result of the owner having faulty wiring in their house for not doing a proper install. The fuse is merely going to help prevent a problem from your own faulty wiring.

    Pro-tip: Hire a qualified and licensed electrician to do the install.

  8. I Agree Jim. The Government is helping Telsa keep a good reputation by not only allowing them to slide on safety ratings, but also giving them millions of dollars when they need it. It really makes me wonder how people believe that a guy that ran paypal, can begin building the best cars in the world in a few years! The current automakers have been in business for over a hundred years, and have best practices, and research teams, and experts that concern themselves only with safety and quality. I work in the industry and the specifications are the same across the board and every automaker strives to achieve the highest quality, whether people believe it or not.

  9. Tesla has recalled nearly all of the Tesla’s made for safety hazards. Yet Tesla still hasn’t made good on the recalls, even though Elon Musk assured the public that adapters with thermal fuses would be mailed out within two weeks. Two months later I don’t know of a single Tesla customer that has received the replacement adapter with the thermal fuse. So far Tesla is in default on the recall for nearly 30,000 Tesla model S. vehicles.

    When are Tesla and Tesla fan boys going to start taking safety seriously? After Tesla designs kill someone?

  10. I’ve seen Tesla shills spamming those lies many times. Germans don’t even have jurisdiction where the fires occurred. The Tesla fires are still under investigation. Last I heard Tesla hasn’t even submitted the documentation requested by the authorities. It is fraudulent to try to claim a German roadworthy certificate for Tesla is the same thing as an investigation into the fires. I’ve challenged shills before to back their claims, show government authorities source saying that they investigated the Tesla fires. It is fraudulent to claim that a German roadworthy certificate is an investigation into the Tesla fires. Tesla and Tesla fan boys are fraudulently misrepresenting the facts.

    You shill for a greedy corporation like Tesla, that skimps on safety and manufactures overpriced unsafe defective products

  11. EVs are very efficient at the low speeds of a presidential limo. A Model S gets 500 miles range at 30mph. Also, they can easily put in a bigger battery.

  12. Tesla doesn’t support combustion engines. They have a patent for a metal air battery backup system that may work but that will not be in production until metal air becomes more reliable. Mileage would probably have to increase about 50% before a pure EV would be good for an armored car.

  13. He doesn’t need a long range limo. He takes the helicopter for medium distances, and Air Force One (Boeing 747) for the long trips. Besides, it probably won’t be a pure EV anyway. It could be a diesel hybrid like some of the military land drones.

  14. You know you got it good when you don’t spend a single penny in advertising and your customers and would be customers do all the work for you.

  15. Jim5437532, batteries catching fire, how many were there 3, GM has recalled thousands of vehicles, Porsche recalled there entire 2014 911 gt3 models because they were driving down the street going up in flames, what the hell do you drive. You must not have a drivers license cause your scared lil pussy. Get you facts right. Don’t be mad cause you cant get one or are missing on there stock rising. Tesla s the future incase you do not know. Get with the program and quit smokin. Maybe you will think better before you write an entire article on BS.

  16. Tesla received a 5 star safety rating in every category for the second year in a row. 99/100. The highest score ever achieved. In Fact the Tesla Model S frame is so sturdy that it broke one of the testing machines because it was not able to crush the car as it normally would. Additionally, Germany cleared Tesla in the Tesla fires. Now we’re just waiting for the NHTSA to follow. What is more, is that there has NEVER been a fatality, let alone a single injury in any Tesla Model S. Have you seen the front crash test video!?

  17. The tech isn’t ready for a presidential armored car. Too much additional weight from the bulletproofing and run flat tires would kill the mileage.

  18. A car with traction batteries that catch fire and explode, unreliable brakes, stalls in dangerous traffic, backseats without headrests for even average height people, nearly all have been recalled for safety hazards, charge connections that are known for over heating, melting and burning. Yet Tesla fan boys tout the car as safe and 5.4 star ratings. lol Yes Tesla fan boys are nutty shills

    Tesla is propped up by favorable treatment under the government and the media. The rich are often subsidized when they buy Tesla, Tesla is rewarded financially when rich Tesla customers are subsidized. Tesla also has received favorable treatment by regulators.

    Tesla has failed to take safety seriously. Tesla has many shortcomings when it comes to safety.

    Almost 30,000 model Ss have been recalled for defective adapters that are a fire hazard. Despite Tesla (Elon Musk) promising that the connectors would be mailed out in two weeks, almost 2 months later customers have not received the replacement adapters with the thermal fuse. Customers have complained that they have not been notified by mail of the safety hazards. As part of the Tesla model S. recall, Tesla issued a software update that was supposed to be a “fix”, that the fix did not work, charge connectors have continued to overheat, melt & burn. Tesla’s charge connections have been known to overheat, melt and burn for about a year, possibly more. Yet the problems haven’t been resolved. It wasn’t until people took their complaints to the media and the government; that a recall was issued. Tesla has been dragging its feet on safety. Several people have been injured by faulty Tesla charge connectors.

    There was a garage fire in Orange County California, the fire department ruled that a Tesla charger connection was a possible source of the fire.

    Two Teslas had their traction batteries catch on fire after only running over road debris. One Tesla caught on fire and EXPLODED after being in an accident in Mexico. Lithium traction batteries are more likely to catch fire and explode after being punctured then gasoline tanks. Customers of Nissan Leafs, Chevy Volts & Toyotas Rav4EV are a lot cheaper and allegedly haven’t had any traction battery fires from road debris or vehicle accidents; yet Tesla has recently had three. The Tesla is a horrible value.

    The most recent Tesla fire to hit the news, is one in Toronto Canada. Allegedly the fire department said the Tesla was the source of the fire. Allegedly the charger was not plugged in and the charger and traction battery is not thought to be the source of the fire. Reportedly Tesla sent seven employees to investigate garage fire in Toronto. So far the fire department and Tesla has been tightlipped about a specific cause. I would put more weight on the fire department’s findings, because some of Tesla’s previous findings seem prejudice and misleading.

    Many Tesla owners have reported that Tesla friction brakes sometimes malfunction in wet conditions. Reportedly after rain, snow or car washing Tesla friction brakes can sometimes be ineffective. Reportedly sometimes the friction brakes take several seconds to respond. Reportedly there has been at least one accident that Tesla brakes were ineffective.

    The backseats in the Tesla model S. don’t have adequate head support for people who are more then about 4’11’ tall. Backseat passengers are unnecessarily vulnerable to spinal injuries and death.

    Tesla fan boys spam safety ratings to tout the Tesla as being safe, despite the facts proving that Tesla is not safe.

    GM recalled 370,000 vehicles because eight have caught fire. Of about 30,000 Tesla model Ss three have had traction battery fires, yet Tesla has refused to issue a recall and Elon Musk said there would be no recall. GM’s defect results in a fire risk of one in 46,250. Tesla’s defect results in a fire risk of one in 10,000. Tesla’s design defect is 4.6 times more likely to result in a fire, yet Tesla refuses to issue a recall and the media and government gives Tesla favorable treatment.

    If someone dies from Tesla’s defective designs, will Tesla and Tesla fan boys wake up and smell the coffee? Tesla needs to start being proactive. Tesla needs to start taking safety seriously. Tesla needs to catch up with technology.

    The Tesla Mafia: tesla, Tesla fan boys and Tesla shills often slander, lie, bully, and censor safety advocates, critics and skeptics of Tesla. Tesla, Tesla fan boys and Tesla shills; hate knowledge and truths that incriminate Tesla.

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