Tesla Motors Inc May Partner With Apple Inc. In Batteries

Tesla Motors Inc May Partner With Apple Inc. In Batteries
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Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk confirmed that they did meet with Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) nearly a year ago. However, he didn’t say whether it was an acquisition or a partnership they talked about, and speculations have been flying ever since. In Jean-Louis Gassee’s Monday Note, he speculates that the companies have something in common which many haven’t been considering.

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Comparing Tesla’s with Apple’s battery numbers

This year Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) said it will make 35,000 Model S sedans. Car and Driver reports that each battery weighs 21,000 metric tons. Of course determining the weight of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s batteries is a bit more difficult because Apple tells us watt-hours instead of weight. However, Gassee said he was able to learn that the iPhone 4S battery weighs 26 grams, according to iFixit. He estimates that the larger iPhone 5S battery may weight around 30 grams.

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Assuming that the weight / capacity ratio is the same for all of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s batteries, he this suggests that an iPad Air battery which provides 32.4 watt-hours weighs around 160 grams. Using a mix of Apple’s iPads, iPhones and Macs, he came up with about 24,000 metric tons of batteries. In other words, both Apple and Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) are in the same ballpark in terms of how many batteries they each need this year.

Tesla could use Apple’s cash for the gigafactory

Wall Street has been buzzing about Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)’s plans for the gigafactory, and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) certainly has plenty of cash it could sink into the facility. Of course this doesn’t mean that Tesla will definitely make batteries for Apple. It simply means that it will have the capacity to do so.

Of course this also means that Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) will be able to add nearly any other company which needs lithium-ion batteries to its client list, which again, means that the company will likely end up being more than just an automaker. The only question is going to be which direction Tesla decides to go in because there are so many options, and it can’t make batteries for every company in its facility while still having enough for itself.

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  1. Wow, those are really huge batteries! Large enough to hold the energy storage potential to spark a gigawatt sized credibility gap for Michelle Jones, ValueWalk or the editors thereof – just sayin’

  2. Jim tries to fear monger Tesla shareholders on every article written on valuewalk. He is not new to the Tesla message board. Tesla has the highest safety rating possible. The only automaker with zero serious injuries or deaths.

  3. A car that has a high rate of catching fire “the safest car in the world”? A car that near all of them have been recalled for safety defects, is “the safest car in the world:? lol

    You’re a lying shill that is afraid of the truth and hates truth. lol

  4. Sounds like you are.

    Is telling the truth equal to bullying, slandering and lying? lol

    Sounds like I got your goat. Sounds like you can’t handle the truth

  5. Oil, Gas and Dealer associations now paying to slander the safest car in the world? Wow, you guys are afraid of Tesla. It only takes one test drive to see why

  6. Actually 13 days ago; single post for Ms. Jones. Although it seems an obvious connection, I wouldn’t read too much into it…at this point. Apple has its fingers into many into many ventures, restrained only by speculation as to what they’re up to.

  7. While I think Tesla is currently derelict on safety. I do agree that Tesla has the potential to be a leader in technology. They have filed some patents on battery designs that might give them an edge in battery designs. Tesla could possibly become a household name.

  8. I think Tesla is getting into grapheme type batteries, with Apple’s help. If this is indeed true this will be the game changer that will prompt the birth of electric cars as standard. Imagine charging your car as fast as it takes a gasoline car to fill with gas. If this same technology is introduced to Apples battery operated devices, it will be a whole new ball game putting Apple in a new class. Imagine putting a quarter in a vending machine providing a full charge for your Iphone within seconds.

  9. But it will only happen as a joint venture. Not AAPL giving them the money as a loan.
    Every factory AAPL invests in is a joint ownership. Why would they pay for equipment that can be monetized and not have a piece. Guess, again, you don’t give Tim Credit. Watch and learn………

  10. A partnership of two companies that have a history of their products catching fire and exploding.

    Tesla ought to better locate & better protect the traction batteries in their cars before they start mass production. Lithium batteries are more likely to catch fire or and explode when punctured, then gasoline tanks. Customers of Chevy Volts, Nissan Leafs, and Toyotas Rav4EV allegedly haven’t had any fires from road debris or vehicle accidents; yet Tesla has recently had three.

    There is a moral crisis at Tesla. Tesla needs to improve safety

    Teslas are a fire & EXPLOSION hazard. Teslas are unsafe. Safety is not a top priority for Tesla.

    3 Tesla traction batteries have caught fire. Two Tesla traction batteries caught on fire after only running over road debris. One caught on fire & EXPLODED after an accident in Mexico.

    Recently there was a garage fire in Toronto. Allegedly the fire department said a Tesla model S. was the source. The traction battery & charger isn’t thought to be the cause. At this time the specific cause is unknown.

    A Tesla model S. charger connection is suspected in a garage fire in the Orange County California.

    Tesla model S. charge connections have been overheating, melting and burning for about a year possibly longer, yet Tesla has not resolve the problems. Since Tesla did not resolve the problems, people went to the media and government. With pressure from the media & NHTSA Tesla issued a recall for about 30,000 model S. to replace the adapters with a thermal fuse. The thermal fuse is an improvement, but there still seems to be an underlining fire hazard, since some of Tesla connectors don’t seem to be sufficient to carry the current for an extended time. Tesla issued a software update and touted it a “fix”. The “fix” did not work, charge connectors have continued to overheat, melt and burn. Though Tesla (Elon Musk) promised that the adapters would be mailed within two weeks, over a month later customers still have not received the replacement adapters with the thermal fuse. Almost all Teslas are under recall and are a fire hazard.

    I think Tesla Motors foolishly located the lithium traction battery too close to the ground without enough protection.

    Tesla Motors is lagging behind in technology. Tesla Motors is reactive instead of proactive.

    Tesla Motors & to a greater extent Tesla fan boys are hostile toward safety advocates, critics & skeptics. Tesla Motors & to a greater extent Tesla fan boys are bullies, slanderers & liars. Tesla Motors and to a greater extent Tesla fan boys resort to intimidation and censorship to suppress criticism, skepticism of the truth. Tesla fan boys are hatemongers. Tesla fan boys shill for Tesla Motors.

    Regretfully for the most part the media has been shilling for Tesla. The media needs to hold Tesla accountable. The media needs to scrutinize and investigate Tesla.

    Will Tesla Motors’s faulty designs result in deaths before people wake up and smell the coffee?

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