Gmail Down: Google Outage Twice In 2 Days



As of this writing, Google’s Apps Status Dashboard is not showing any kind of service disruption with any of its services, including Gmail. However, yesterday it took the search giant quite a long time to acknowledge issues on the dashboard. Those issues affected Google Talk (also known as GChat), Google Sheets and Google+ Hangouts. Some also reported problems with Google Docs, although the company doesn’t have that one listed as being part of yesterday’s service disruption. That issue yesterday lasted for hours.

Hootsuite was also down yesterday due to a separate problem.

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Gmail appears to be down right now, according to many Twitter users. I noticed the issue myself when Google’s IMAP kept closing the connection with Microsoft Outlook. Judging from the reports of others though, the problem seems to be Gmail and not Outlook, at the moment.

Reports suggest Gmail is down

The site DownRightNow also indicates a possible service disruption with Gmail. The site indicates that users have reported the email service as being down on DownRight now, although it doesn’t mention Twitter mentions of the disruption. However, a quick search of #Gmail turns up an increasing number of reports about an outage.

The earliest Twitter reports about a Gmail disruption go back about an hour ago from just one or two users. Most people who are now having problems just started reporting issues within the last 20 minutes or so.