How To Get Another Year Of Amazon Prime At $79

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Amazon has recently announced that the price of its Prime service is going up $20 per year to $99. This means that instead of normally paying $79, you’ll have to pay $99, but to most people the service is worth the money spent, considering what you get with it. With Prime membership, you get many benefits such as free Kindle book borrowing, access to a library of TV shows and video, and free two-day shipping for many items without any minimum order.

The ecommerce giant will charge memberships that renew before April 17 with the old $79 amount, while memberships that renew on or after 17th will be charged $99.

Get your Prime membership at the same old price

Wouldn’t it be great if you can renew your Prime membership at the current $79 rate for another year? Fortunately that’s possible, and you could save paying $20 more, provided you follow a small trick.

Slickdeals member named as Orick says that to lock in your Amazon Prime membership for $79, you need to turn off your Prime auto-renew, and purchase a Prime Gift Membership card with your own email address. But instead of having the gift card delivered immediately, set the card to arrive on the day after your Prime membership expires. Once your membership expires, you’ll get the gift card and you can again get the membership at the same old price.

Well, what a clever workaround method to save a few bucks.

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