Earthquake Shakes Up Los Angeles

Earthquake Shakes Up Los Angeles


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A more detailed map from the Southern California Earthquake Center indicates that there was an earthquake of 4.4 magnitude south-southeast of Encino, Calif., as well as a quake of 1.9 magnitude  north-northwest in Carson, Calif.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that this morning’s earthquake in Los Angeles was initially reported by the USGS as having a magnitude of 4.7, but the agency downgraded it shortly after that initial report. The agency also reported that the quake occurred at a depth of 5 miles, which is probably why it seemed like such a big quake to Los Angeles residents.

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The Los Angeles Fire Department currently in “earthquake emergency mode,” as emergency personnel in aircraft and ground vehicles survey the city for any serious damage. Los Angeles Police say they have no reports of any injuries or damage yet.

Pacific coast countries also rattled by earthquake

Los Angeles residents weren’t the only ones rudely awakened by an earthquake this morning. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, a stronger earthquake with a magnitude of 5.3 struck Yonakuni, Japan, while the Philippines, Chili, and Mexico all reported quakes ranging from 4.4 up to 5.3 in magnitude.


Los Angeles residents were awoken by an earthquake in the early morning hours this morning. Early reports from the U.S. Geological Survey indicate it was a 4.4 magnitude. However, Twitter is full of reports from residents who said they felt their homes shake.

The Associated Press is reporting that an earthquake was felt “strongly” across Los Angeles, and some Twitter users are saying that “strongly” is putting it mildly. The USGS puts the epicenter of the earthquake north-northwest of Westwood, Calif. at 6:25 local time in Los Angeles.

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