How To Easily Unsubscribe From Marketing Emails On Gmail

How To Easily Unsubscribe From Marketing Emails On Gmail
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These days, our inboxes get bombarded with tons of emails each day, all thanks to those mailing lists that we’ve subscribed to, and also to those that we’ve never subscribed to. Amidst all the email jumble, it’s hard to spot the one email that we’re searching for, and sometimes that’s all that matters. A solution to this problem would be to remove yourself from newsletters that you don’t want to receive anymore.

Thanks to the mighty Google, you can easily unsubscribe from mailing lists and marketing emails on Gmail. Google has made things simpler if you want to unsubscribe from mailing lists.

Gmail is slowly rolling out a new “unsubscribe” link which will appear at the top of promotional emails. This small unsubscribe link will show up next to the sender’s name and email address. Clicking on it will unsubscribe you instantly.

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The advantage of this unsubscribe button is that users will now won’t have to search for that really small and hard-to-find unsubscribe button from newsletters. Email marketers often apply this trick and make it hard to spot the unsubscribe link. But now with this new unsubscribe option, users won’t need to search for anything in the message, but instead click on the unsubscribe link from the top. That’s surely a more easier and convenient way to do this.

So what happens when you click on this unsubscribe button? This option doesn’t take you through the standard procedure, but instead, Google will send an automated email to that company and would request them to exclude you from future emails.

Well, unsubscribing from messages on Gmail couldn’t get any easier than this!

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