iPhone 6 Photos Allegedly Leaked, But They Look Fake – Here’s Why

iPhone 6 Photos Allegedly Leaked, But They Look Fake – Here’s Why
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The iPhone 6 is certainly a source of Web traffic these days, as enthusiasts continue to create renderings which they think show what the handset will look like. Sonny Dickson posted the questionable photos on his Twitter feed, and they have appeared nearly everywhere else as well.

iPhone 6 photos claim to show casing

The Twitter user posted photos of what he said were the casing of the iPhone 6. It doesn’t really look that much different than the casings for the current models of the iPad Air and the iPod Touch. One of the reasons many people thought these images might be real is because they’re pretty much in line with the rumors we’ve been hearing, like that the next iPhone will look similar to the iPhone Air.

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Some reports have also suggested that the handset will have a bigger display which is made from sapphire glass. The photos do appear to indicate that the display will be larger, as expected. 9to5 Mac posted “an extremely rough mockup” showing the casing for the iPhone 5 superimposed over the photos posted by Dickson so that we can see the potential size difference.

Another reason some believed the iPhone 6 photos were real is because of the fact that they were posted by Dickson, who did have photos of the iPad Air before it came out. However, MacRumors reports that according to Dickson, the photos originally were shared by an anonymous Twitter user from China, who claimed that they were of the iPhone 6.

Why the iPhone 6 photos look like fakes

MacRumors studied the photos, also asking designer Federico Ciccarese to examine them. He said it looks like the handset in the photos is 4.7 inches in size diagonally and 2.3 inches wide, which matches the iPhone 5S.

Initially many were taking the photos at face value, but posters on MacRumors’ forum started up conversations about why they think the images might be fake. Some said there were repeating features, noting the circles on the front and back. Another ran through a history of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhones and pointed out that the wrong font was used. The person suggested that this might be a prototype model.

A third identified them as “renderings made by Martin Hajek. The person said that the images contain “the same smudge texture” as his past renderings. This might be what the first person was referring to as well, although much more vaguely.

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