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How To Swipe Quickly In iOS 7 Multitasking Pane

Now that iOS 7 is here with some new bells and whistles, I think we all agree that it comes with some new much-needed features that make us wonder why these features were not present before. One such feature is the new and improved multitasking pane that looks and works great. The new card interface displays the apps in their current state so that you don’t have to wonder where you left the app and which requires your attention. While this new multitasking is indeed snappy, and works great for many, there is a way to speed up things further.

Before the launch of iOS 7, multitasking seemed to be in stone age, and not up to the mark. It was certainly left far behind compared to Android. But now with iOS 7, multitasking finally comes to what it should really be on iOS.

How to swipe quickly through multitasking apps on iOS 7

This is going to be a very simple tip, so don’t expect any big settings changes. Here’s how you can swipe more swiftly in multitasking pane.

How To Swipe Quickly In iOS 7 Multitasking Pane

You might be used to swipe through the preview cards, but the tip is to swipe through those small icons left or right instead of the app previews, which would speed up things.

Those of you who have become accustomed to swiping over the cards will find it hard to swallow this new method, however, it doesn’t hurt to try out something new which would make your task quicker.

This video below will depict how things become more fast by simply using a different area to swipe. Having tried it myself, I really agree to what this Reddit user has to say. It definitely works!

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