Sisters In Pakistan Burn Nearly 2 Million Rs

Sisters In Pakistan Burn Nearly 2 Million Rs
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Got some cash to burn? Maybe it’s burning a hole in your pocket. Well, why not just take a match to it? That’s what a pair of sisters in Pakistan did. They apparently had nothing better to do with their money than to burn it—literally. According to, 40-year-old Naheed and 35-year-old Rubina of Bilal Town in Jhelum District withdrew 1.7 million Pakistan rupees from their bank account, went out into the street, and then lit it all on fire.

 Sisters light cash on fire

Police officials confirmed that they did indeed light the money on fire outside the bank. In U.S. dollars, that amounts to around $16,000. The sisters reportedly went to the National Bank of Pakistan branch in Chak Nasa three days ago to withdraw the money from their account. However, at that time, the manager of the bank told them that it would take a few days for them to be able to meet that request.

The sisters then reportedly returned to the bank on Thursday and asked for their money. They received it at around noon local time, took the cash outside, and just lit it on fire.

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One sister pulls a gun

Witnesses told police that a passerby and a shopkeeper in the area attempted to keep the sisters from burning the money. However, the older one apparently pulled out a gun and told them that they had the right to burn their cash if they wanted to. It didn’t take long for a crowd to gather and watch the bills go up in smoke.’s source apparently told the site that the sisters put about 2.8 million Pakistan rupees in their bank account about a year ago after they sold the property which they inherited from their father. His name was Raja Muhammad Iqbal, and he was said to have died mysteriously a few years ago. Residents of the neighborhood where the sisters and their two brothers live claim they’re mentally ill.

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