George Soros Talks Politics At Davos WEF [VIDEO]

George Soros Talks Politics At Davos WEF [VIDEO]

Billionaire investor George Soros, shares his thoughts on the “humanitarian catastrophe” in Syria.  The U.S. and Russia need to better understand each other because Russian President Vladimir Putin is becoming “more regressive at home and more aggressive abroad,” philanthropist George Soros tells CNBC.

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it’s really the fact that you have a humanitarian catastrophe of the first — developing and it’s liable to get worse if there isn’t b a greater international public awareness and engagement to deal with it. because the regime has deliberately targeted excess humanitarian aid and medical supplies as a weapon of war. the policy of the staff or surrender. so it’s a — it’s a tool of war. and the conflict has to do a political settlement. there is no — a settlement would take years of fighting. so if during this time there is no arrangement to provide humanitarian aid across better lives or as part of a generalized cease-fire, the population currently already this winter more people are going to die because of deprivation from food or medical supplies than from actual fighting. and that is going to amount with the passage of time. so the sooner people become aware and put pressure on the governments not to parade this, the sooner this can end. is it acceptable to have a solution that keeps the assad regime in control? well, whether it’s the asass regime or some other representation of the — and other minority regimes, there has to be a policy arrangement which allows people of different religions and ethnic affiliations to live in syria. because it’s a very mixed country. so that has to be the basis of a settlement.

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