This App Lets You Create Memes On Your iPhone

This App Lets You Create Memes On Your iPhone

Memes: they’re everywhere on the Internet. In fact, they have become very popular on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and also some sites focus solely on creating memes. Imgur, although it does not create memes, does host several memes and has become a good time-pass for many. It’s basically an image hosting website, and an Imgur app for iPhone is also available, which allows users to browse and upload images, rate and comment on them. Well, the same experience takes a step further with the new app by Imgur. Read on to find out how.

Creating memes on your iPhone

This new Imgur MemeGen app allows you to create meme images right on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and then once created, you can post and share it on Imgur. The best part is that you don’t need to create a meme from scratch, but you can take existing ones from and then use them freely to create your own meme.

The application has three main tabs: Browse, Create, and Recents. The Browse tab allows you to browse meme photos of new or popular images. The Create tab allows you to create your own meme by using your iOS device’s camera, using existing images from Imgur or from your photo library. Finally, the Recents tab allows you to view all your recent memes. Overall, the interface of the app couldn’t get any more simpler.

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This iOS app is absolutely free of charge and worth trying out if you’ve ever thought to create your own meme and then share it with the world. Just don’t forget to use some good humor coupled with funny images (do I see a grumpy cat there?) to make the next best Internet meme.

Hopefully further updates will bring some new features to this app, but even at its current state, it works great. You can download the Imgur MemeGen app for iOS from the link below. Also don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on this app by commenting below.

Download Imgur MemeGen App for iOS from the App Store

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