Facebook Year In Review Lets Users Revisit 2013

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has brought back a popular feature from last year. The social network’s Year in Review feature allows users to take a quick look back at 2013 to see which posts may have been the most important to them over the last year.

Facebook 2013 Review

Facebook Year in Review

In order to access Facebook’s Year in Review feature, just visit your profile page on the network and look for the Year in Review link toward the left under your picture banner. There’s a link which says “See your 2013 Year in Review.” Toward the bottom of the left column on your own Facebook Year in Review, you will see a second box which will let you see a collection of posts from the past year featuring your closest friends.

To come up with these compilations, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) uses some sort of algorithms to determine what might have been important to you. It is unclear exactly what sort of algorithm the social network uses, but it is most likely based on the comments you made and the “Likes” you clicked.

Facebook constantly changing algorithms

Facebook is always making changes to its algorithms with the goal of improving users’ experiences. The company is even said to be working on a “Sympathize” button to go along with the well-known “Like” button. Just last week the company said it was making an adjustment aimed at showing users “high quality articles” rather than calling their attention to “the latest meme,” whatever that means.

So does this mean that this year’s Year in Review is any different than last year’s? It’s hard to say, especially since we have no idea how the social network determines what might be important to you. Can’t say that my Year in Review was all that great. At the top of the list were a couple of links about snow closures from earlier this year and another link that I didn’t even remember posting.