Evasi0n Hackers Apologize Over iOS 7 Jailbreak Piracy In China

Evasi0n Hackers Apologize Over iOS 7 Jailbreak Piracy In China
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Hacking Group Evasi0n has apologized to the jailbreaking community over the piracy issue concerning the jailbreak of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iOS7. Evasi0n released the jailbreak version three months after iOS7 was launched for the public, but the hacking group soon landed in hot water.

Evasi0n released a letter clarifying to the jailbreaking community that it is “deeply sorry and embarrassed about the piracy that was seen today.”

Evasi0n clarifies its intentions

Chinese app store TaiG contacted Evasi0n when it was in the middle of making Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS 7 jailbreak and offered to bundle it with the jailbreak in China. TaiG wanted Evasi0n to offer the jailbreak along with its apps.  Evasi0n took up the offer, but TaiG later turned out to be part of the piracy app market.

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The hacker group said that previously it held the view that TaiG was well-suited to cater to the needs of the Chinese market, and the app developer was just a third party app store in China just like Evasi0n had bundled and distributed Cydia around the world as an additional app store. Also, the company said that it restricted TaiG to avoid piracy in their store while signing an agreement.

Evasi0n said that it entered into the deal with good intentions that later turned out to be embarrassing as in China it is not easy to conduct business, and probably the team took responsibility of performing more than it was capable of.

Evsi0n was warned earlier

Cydia creat0or Jay Freeman (better known as Saurik) also said that it warned the Evsi0n team about TaiG.  Evasi0n has been alleged by many for connecting with app store TaiG because it was paid well by the latter. Evasi0n accepted that it got financial benefits from its work, but the priority for the company is that the “interests of the community will always be the most important thing” and is very upset by how the community has been distressed this time around.

Evasi0n also said that TaiG is making all efforts to come clean and resolve the piracy problem; and is removing all examples of piracy found it on the app store. If piracy cannot be removed TaiG will withdraw from jailbreak, according to Evasi0n.

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