Quick Tip: How To Improve iPhone 5S’s Fingerprint Recognition

Quick Tip: How To Improve iPhone 5S’s Fingerprint Recognition
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Apple’s latest toy – the iPhone 5S – comes with Touch ID, a fingerprint scanner that scans your finger and then unlocks the phone. While this feature usually works great, some users have complained that sometimes the iPhone won’t read the fingerprint and prompts them to “try again.” Often placing the finger on the Home button would prompt this error (even though you’re doing it right) and the user needs to place the finger again. This is a nagging issue for some users.

Useful tips

So what to do in such cases? Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) recommends that users rescan the finger, but before that ensure that your finger is clean and dry. If you’re having trouble scanning one finger, try a different finger. Apple clearly notes that things like sweat, moisture, oils, cuts, lotions and dry skin affect Touch ID’s capability to recognize your fingerprint.

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Now, you can use up to five fingers in Touch ID, but a smart tip here is that you can scan your thumb (or any one finger) multiple times, telling iPhone that they’re different fingers. In most cases, many people will mostly unlock their iPhone with one finger and that’s why it makes sense to do this.

Multiple scans of same finger can boost recognition

The outcome of enrolling only one finger multiple times is that your iPhone will better recognize your finger. This tip will greatly improve your iPhone’s fingerprint recognition technique thereby reducing that nagging “Try again” error.

So go ahead and scan the same finger multiple times and then Touch ID will work great. Do you have any other tips to solve this issue? If so, then them share with us in the comments below.

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