Three Ways to Hide Google+ Comments On YouTube

Three Ways to Hide Google+ Comments On YouTube

YouTube’s new commenting system has faced lots of criticism from users as it forces everyone to create a Google+ account to post a comment. This has forced users to either create a fake profile on Google+ to comment on YouTube or leave the discussion. Some users have even gone the extra step to file a petition to bring back the old method of commenting which many people are more comfortable with.

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So why don’t users like YouTube’s new commenting system?  Simple.

1. Users can post URLs in the comments, which means more spamming, annoyances and people crying out “hey visit my website for the secret formula to earn money online.” Those links can also point to malicious websites, and just a single click on such links can cause havoc.

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2. There’s no limit to character count on the new commenting system. This means users can post scripts of movies (we hate spoilers too), annoying ASCII art, and rambling diatribes of all shapes and sizes.

3. Fake names (like Barack Obama, Jesus Christ, celebrity names, and more), fake identities, and just enough fake comments.

Right now you can wait for Google to solve all these issues with its Google+ commenting system on YouTube, or you can try out the solutions below to hide or remove YouTube comments.

1. Use Adblock Plus with YouTube Filter

Adblock Plus is an ad-blocker browser extension that can not only be used to block ads on various websites, but it also comes with custom blocking options also known as filters. There are many filters but we’re interested in the filter which will block comments on YouTube.

Adblock Plus has following filters for YouTube:

  • Block all YouTube annoyances
  • Block only comments
  • Block only suggestions
  • Block only other annoyances

Visit the page here and click on the “+ add” button to block comments. You’ll now be taken to the Filters page in the Adblock Plus options. From this page, click on the “Add” button to add the filter to the extension.

2. Turn Off YouTube Comments Toggle (For Chrome)

Turn off YouTube Comments toggle is a Chrome extension that will hide all YouTube comments. Once installed, it will hide comments by default and then it will add a Comments link beneath the video which you can use to unhide and hide comments. For Chrome, this is by far the best and simplest way to hide/unhide comments clutter.

3. Comment Snob (For Firefox & Chrome)

Comment Snob is a browser extension for Firefox as well as Chrome. It lets you set certain rules to filter out comments on YouTube, which is perfect for those who don’t want to hide each and every comment. For example, you can filter out comments with all capital letters, spelling mistakes, excessive punctuation marks, profanity, and best of all, you can even filter comments based on custom words and phrases. This ensures that comments with those words and phrases won’t be displayed on YouTube. There’s also an option to hide all comments, for those who don’t want to filter comments.

So go ahead and use these methods to remove or hide comments on YouTube.

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