Bitcoin Black Friday Deals For The Users

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As bitcoin prices shot through the roof over the last few weeks, investors and now the general public remain entranced by the digital currency. It’s questionable whether you would want to use bitcoins to buy anything right now, but if you do, then there are some Black Friday deals you might be interested in.

Bitcoin Black Friday offers deals

Don Reisinger of CNET spotted a site named Bitcoin Black Friday, which lists all of the special offers which are aimed only at bitcoin users. Various retailers have begun to accept bitcoins as payment. Here are just a few of the goodies you might be able to get your hands on.

If you’re searching for a domain name, Namecheap is offering Black Friday deals for those who purchase using bitcoins. You can also get a discount on Reddit’s Gold service on Black Friday if you pay using bitcoins. GSM Nation is even offering Black Friday deals on unlocked smartphones—specifically for those who pay using bitcoins.

Other deals include offers on airline tickets, electronic cigarettes, artwork, books for kids, and more. You can even make some donations to a few charities via the Bitcoin Black Friday site.

Would you buy things using bitcoins?

So what does the future of bitcoins look like? If it’s as bright as so many people seem to think, then it might not be a wise choice to purchase things using bitcoins. However, if the digital currency ends up not being worth anything to anyone, then you’re getting stuff basically for free. Of course right now bitcoins are trading at more than $1,000 on Japanese bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, so if you want to pay using bitcoins, better think carefully.

Apparently some people are willing to pay using the digital currency, however. Virgin Galactic announced recently that it not only is accepting bitcoins as payments for future space flights, but also that it recently did take a payment via bitcoins from someone.

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