In 1991 Martin Estlander, a successful options market maker, launched Estlander & Partners, one of the oldest Nordic CTAs. With a team of 35, Estlander manages today $850m in three strategies: Price-driven short-medium term strategies, systematic macro and intraday short term trading.

Are Nordic CTAs Different From U.S. or UK Peers?

In this Opalesque.TV BACKSTAGE video, Martin explains how his time as options market maker shapes his risk management, which does not rely on any correlation assumptions, rather on the question: “What happens if everything runs against us?” While many CTAs in general struggled to adapt to changing correlation patterns, some in fact were able to benefit from those regime changes. Estlander also talks about the differences between Nordic CTAs and say U.S. or London based firms, finding alpha in the natural resources sector, and shares a positive outlook for the fall of 2013.