Facebook Down: Bug Prevents Status Updates


Facebook appears to be down for many users this morning, as a bug prevents some from posting statuses, liking or commenting on posts on the social network. Twitter is filled with comments from Facebook users saying that they are receiving that Facebook is down.

Facebook Down: Bug Prevents Status Updates

Early reports on Facebook’s outage inconsistent

The site Is It Down Right Now reports that it has pinged Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s website, but the website did respond. However, it does say that there is a possible service disruption because eight users have reported that they are having some problems with the site “in the last few hours.” Down Right Now also reports a possible service disruption based on user reports. The site indicates that the last status change for Facebook was two hours ago and that the “last widespread service disruption” was 13 hours ago. At this point it’s unclear just how long Facebook has been down.

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Users of the social network who attempt to post something on the site receive an error message stating, “Please Try Again Later: An error occurred. Please try again in a few minutes.”

Media reports about Facebook being down

According to Huffington Post, the issue is also happening on Facebook’s iOS app. Using third-party apps to post to Facebook’s website doesn’t appear to work either, according to The Next Web. The website said they asked Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) for an update and were told by a company spokesperson that they are looking into the problems users are reporting. The site also reported that it has access to a lot of the social network, although the site appears to be loading “rather more slowly than usual” and calls “this particular aspect of today’s woes” a “less common issue.”

Mashable reports that they have tested Facebook from a number of different IP addresses and received the same error message. As a result, the site suggests that the problem might be global in nature.

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