Washington D.C. Features The Country’s Worse Drivers

Washington D.C. Features The Country’s Worse Drivers

Since there is no city named “Asian” or “woman” the stereotypes will have to go unacknowledged in this article.  A recent survey suggests that out of the 200 largest cities in the United States, Washington D.C can claim the mantle of having the nation’s worse drivers. Since D.C has held the title of “murder capital of the country” for a number years over the last few decades, this is certainly a step in the right direction. However, it could just be that they aren’t able to add enough drive-by killings to their totals in the nation’s capital because they crash their cars before the shooting can begin properly.

Washington D.C. Features The Country's Worse Drivers

Worst driver study conducted by Allstate Insurance

The study was conducted by Allstate Insurance who quickly pointed out that the study was conducted, “solely to boost the country’s discussion about safe driving,” not to set insurance rates. Take that with a grain of salt, certainly insurance adjusters will note the study, and one could guess that the study will find its way into customer premiums just as fraud and other outputs do.

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Fort Collins, Colo., drivers are the best, taking the No. 1 spot, followed by Boise, Idaho, and Sioux Falls, S.D., according to the study, which is based on the amount of claims filed for collisions with Allstate. The staggering part of this is that a city in South Dakota can find its way into the 200 hundred biggest list.

Congested roads in Washington DC

Of the larger cities, Los Angeles ranked among the worst at 181, behind Chicago, 150, and New York, 172. San Francisco also came in low at 186. As these cities, along with Washington D.C, represent some of the most congested roads in the nation it makes sense that you would see the most accident claims.

“Too many people trying to get too many places and not enough capacity to handle the vast amount of traffic we have here,’’ AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesman John Townsend told the Los Angeles Times.

The average driver in top-ranked Fort Collins will experience an auto collision every 13.9 years, according to the Allstate report. This is a considerable improvement over the national average of ten years. Drivers in Washington D.C. find themselves in an accident more than twice as frequently as the national average, every 4.9 years.

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