U.S. Expected To Strike Syria In Days

NBC News is reporting that a senior U.S. official says the nation is “past the point of return” on Syria. In fact, the official says U.S. airstrikes against targets in Syria could happen “within days.” If a strike is imminent, then it would happen about a week after the deadly chemical attacks of which the Syrian government is suspected.

U.S. Expected To Strike Syria In Days

NBC’s Richard Engel tweeted the news just a short time ago, and media outlets all over the world are updating the Syria situation by the minute with new details and angles.

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UN discusses action against Syria

Some have said that the United Nations would have to approve any action against Syria. The UN Security Council met in New York this morning, and council members were presented with a draft resolution which would authorize “necessary measures” in Syria, reports NBC News. U.S. officials have said that an airstrike on Syria could come as early as tomorrow night.

The U.K. is also said to be considering military action against Syria. The nation has drafted a resolution which condemns the chemical weapons attack and “authorizes necessary measures to protect civilians,” according to U.K. Prime Minster David Cameron.

The BBC reports that Cameron and U.S. President Barack Obama spoke earlier this week, although they agreed that no decisions would be made before the National Security Council met today. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said weapons inspectors should have some time to determine whether chemical weapons were indeed used in last week’s attacks.

However, the U.S. State Department has said that it’s clear that Assad’s government was responsible for those attacks, and Vice President Joe Biden stated to an audience at an American Legion post in Houston that chemical weapons were indeed used.

Failed assassination attempt?

Meanwhile U.S. officials are looking into whether a failed attempt on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s life might have been a motivator for last week’s deadly attack. NBC News reports that an Aug. 8 assassination attempt led Assad or one of his senior officials to order the chemical attack.