How to Add a Navigation Tree to Dropbox’s Sidebar

How to Add a Navigation Tree to Dropbox’s Sidebar
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Dropbox, without a doubt, has become the most popular cloud storage service, and it has recently crossed the 100 million user mark which can be considered as really impressive. This independent cloud storage service is giving a tough competition to all the big players such as Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, and more. Dropbox has recently acquired Mailbox, an email client for the iOS platform.

How to Add a Navigation Tree to Dropbox's Sidebar

Drop-box works in two ways – you can install the official Drop-box client for your operating system and browse content or you can use the Dropbox website directly, without installing anything to your computer. Whichever way you choose, you can always browse, upload and download contents from anywhere. However, if you’ve used the Drop-box website then you know that it is really not that easy to navigate because it displays only one folder at a time. If you want to browse to some other folder which resides in the root, then you’ll need to go back to that location and then open that folder.

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Wouldn’t it be great if we can add a navigation tree to Dropbox’s sidebar? Doing so would greatly improve the Dropbox experience.

Enter Drop-box Plus, a userscript that works in Chrome and Firefox (and other browsers that support userscript) which adds a navigation tree when you open the Dropbox website in your browser. Firefox users will need to install Greasemonkey add-on before installing this userscript.


After installing this userscript, you’ll notice a new tree style view of folders in the left sidebar. This sidebar will always be visible, no matter wherever you navigate. It remains independent from the main links displayed by Dropbox at the top. The main aim of this userscript is simple – it wants us to quickly jump to other folders on Drop-box, without going back to the root.

If you’re the one who regularly visits the Dropbox website, then you’ll find this userscript as very useful. It surely saves some clicks, and adds a very convenient and easy way to browse and jump to different folders in the Dropbox website. Also it doesn’t interferes the official structure or functionality of Dropbox, but it simply adds a tree of folders to the sidebar, below the official links. If you’re a Drop-box user, then give it a try.

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