How to Add Social Media Buttons to Tumblr


Sharing is everywhere – it’s universal. Nowadays you can see those social media sharing buttons on mostly every website out there, and those buttons are there for a reason – they enable the visitor to share what they like on the social media. You might have seen these buttons on mostly every type of sites like WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, etc, but the way of adding those buttons differ by platforms.

That’s why we will take a closer look on how to add social sharing buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more to Tumblr.

Adding Social Buttons to Tumblr

There are two ways for doing this. You can either generate the code by going to each social media site like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc and then place them on your Tumblr, or the other easy way would be to add them using Addthis or Sharethis which are a superb way to add several sharing options using just a simple code snippet.

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For the sake of this tutorial, I will use Addthis to add sharing buttons. Head over to and click on the “Get the code” button (Direct link).

From the left side in the “Get sharing buttons for” section, click on More options, and then select Tumblr. You can also select the style that suits you.

You can now copy the generated code from here, and then paste it to Tumblr, but the question is where should you paste it in Tumblr? Don’t worry, finding the right place to insert the code won’t be that hard.

Now, login to Tumblr and go to the customization page at

Click on Edit HTML. This will open the page where you can see the coding of your Tumblr theme.

How to Add Social Media Buttons to Tumblr

Now you need to find the right place to add the code. Press Ctrl+F to get the find bar in your browser and search for:


Place your Addthis code above or below it, depending on your theme. Also you might need to experiment by placing this code in different “posts” section until you are satisfied by the placement of the social buttons.

You can always click on Update Preview button to see an updated preview or click on Save button to save your changes.

Go ahead and integrate social sharing buttons on your Tumblr posts using this method.