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How To Disable Auto Play Videos on Instagram

As we reported earlier, Instagram has introduced a new functionality—videos—to its app. It basically lets users capture short 15 second videos and then apply filters to it. If you haven’t updated Instagram in a while, then now is the time to update the app to get this new functionality.

When the app is updated, you will notice that by default, the video will start auto-playing. This can pose a problem for those who don’t want get annoyed with that video, as it is accompanied by audio too.

Video Disabling Trick on Instagram:

Fortunately, there’s a way to disable auto-play on Instagram videos. To do this, tap on the profile tab from the bottom right corner. Next, if you’re on an iPhone, tap on the gear icon and if you’re on Android, then tap on the three vertical dots. This will open the preferences screen on your device.

On this screen, you’ll find the Auto-Play Videos option. Tap on this option and disable it.


Now that it is turned off, videos will remain static until you want to play them. You can now calmly browse the feed without any video auto-playing itself.

Users have already started to upload videos, and it will be interesting to see how creative one can get in 15 seconds.

Also note that currently only JellyBean (4.1) and above devices have the ability to record videos. The developers do say that they are working around the clock to enable video capturing support for other Android devices.