Carl Icahn: Dell Shareholders ‘Literally Getting Screwed’ [VIDEO]


Activist investor Carl Icahn tells CNBC’s Scott Wapner why he’s making an offer for Dell, competing with Michael Dell’s bid to take the company private.

Carl Icahn video interview and computer transcript below

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the shareholders are literally getting screwed. the company — you can camouflage it with numbers and whatever. but $13.65 is a giveaway. this is what we call the great giveaway. you look at is simply, that stub is worth a great deal more than $1.65.back in the ’90s, for four years, with reynolds tobacco to get them to split off nabisco. it’s not worth that much. the stub is worth a dollar. but in three weeks that stub they said was worth $1, went to $8. i ended up making a fortune as did most of the shareholders at held it. in this case, it’s worth more than $’s an absurd di. you don’t like what michael dell is trying to do here, do you? that’s partly the story. i think it’s ridiculous. i mean, it’s really a travesty. it’s out of saturday night live’s this guy, first of all, they rained over the demise of the — when i say demise, the company going downhill for four or five years and then michael comes along and he knows thecompany better than anybody on the planet. he goes to the board and the board is sitting there and he says to them, hey, look, i’ll give you $13.65. thank you, michael. that’s awfully nice of you. thank you, michael. we’ll take that. by the way, don’t worry if somebody tops you because if they top you, we’ll give you$450 million. thanks for coming in.

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