Bill Gates 2.0 Charlie Rose Interview [TRANSCRIPT]

Bill Gates 2.0 Charlie Rose Interview [TRANSCRIPT]

For Bill Gates, technology is still the solution. He shows Charlie Rose some inventions he’s working on to help heal the world.


You probably know Bill Gates as the founder of Microsoft, the hard-driving tech executive whose software fueled the personal computer revolution. You might also know him as the longtime richest man in the world who left Microsoft five years ago so he could work fulltime, giving his money away. We had the chance to witness “Bill Gates 2.0” — the man you don’t know. He is driven, as much as anyone we have ever met, to make the world a better place. Gates told us why he thinks inventions are the key to success, and just what he intends to accomplish with his time, intellect and $67 billion fortune, starting with his plans to knock out some of the world’s deadliest diseases.

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