The Boeing Company (BA) Up As Battery Problems Seem To Be Ending

The Boeing Company (BA) Up As Battery Problems Seem To Be Ending
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The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA)’s stock rose early Friday morning as investors sense that the problems related to the battery for its Dreamliner aircraft seem to be close to over. The stock initially jumped 2 percent this morning as regulators worked toward finalizing a decision in regards to the battery problems.

The Boeing Company (BA) Up As Battery Problems Seem To Be Ending

Boeing’s Dreamliner aircraft have been grounded for months, costing The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA). Last month the aircraft completed its first test flight after the problems with its batteries began. Reuters reported earlier this week that the Federal Aviation Administration could decide to allow Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner aircraft back into the air within days.

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Today, Fox Business reports that two sources say the approval from the FAA could come this afternoon some time. The media site said one source said the announcement could come today, although the other said that the FAA had not yet made a final decision.

The FAA is just one agency around the globe that’s examining the redesigned battery system provided by The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA). The new battery system was designed to keep the lithium ion batteries inside of it from catching on fire, while also keeping passengers safe if the batteries do overheat.

Investigators still have yet to find the actual reason for the original battery fires. If the FAA does approve the fix, regulators in other countries are expected to follow suit shortly after. Regulators in several countries must approve the fix before airlines will be able to resume use of their 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

Officials in Japan, one of the nations investigating the battery system fix, have said that their review of the new system is almost complete, although they did not say how quickly flights would be able to be resumed on the aircraft.

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