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How To Launch A Wide Pop-up Compose Window In Gmail

Google has kept improving and tweaking Gmail over time. But some features like the new Compose window are controversial – some like this new small window as they can access their emails and do many more tasks while composing an email while some users hate it because of its small size, and position.

For now, it is possible to switch to the old compose window, but eventually, all Gmail users will need to use the new Compose window, whether they love it or hate it!

But the good thing is that users can click on that small arrow icon in the top bar of the window to open it as a separate window. Users can then resize this window as per their wish to make it smaller or larger. While this works great, how about a shortcut key to launch the compose mail window in a separate window? That would definitely save time, right?

To launch a separate pop-up compose window, simply hold down the Shift key and then click on the Compose button. What’s more; this key also works when you click on the reply button.


I agree that this is not some earth shattering shortcut key, but those who write heaps of messages will definitely find this key a welcome addition because previously, users need to open the Compose window, and then click on the arrow key to open the larger Compose window, but not anymore. Now users can just press and hold the Shift key and then click on the Compose button to get a larger Compose window. Plus, this key also works when you’re replying to messages.

So go ahead, try it out and get more space when composing or replying to emails in Gmail.