Fortune Telling via Algorithm? Scientist Says He Invented Time Machine

Fortune Telling via Algorithm? Scientist Says He Invented Time Machine

An Iranian scientist has registered something he’s calling a time machine, but this is no DeLorean like in the “Back to the Future” film series. It’s actually a machine that he says fits into a PC case.

According to The Telegraph, the machine was registered with the Centre for Strategic Inventions in Iran by Ali Razeghi as “The Aryayek” Time Traveling Machine.

Fortune Telling via Algorithm? Scientist Says He Invented Time Machine

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The scientist claims that the machine uses algorithms he developed to predict the future of anyone within a range of five to eight years in their future. According to Razeghi, the machine has a 98 percent accuracy rate, and it delivers its predictions via a print out after it takes a reading from the user, who simply has to touch the device.

Razeghi is reportedly the managing director of the agency he registered the invention with, and he has over 150 other inventions registered in his name. He said his “time machine” could help governments predict the result of military conflicts, although some have said that he’s trying to play God.

The 27-year-old scientist also said he is not launching his prototype in the current stage because “the Chinese will steal the idea and produce it in millions overnight.” He said he has been working on his invention for the last decade.

In my opinion, this really doesn’t sound like much of a time machine. After all, the DeLorean actually took the time traveler to different points in time, as have other time machines invented in literature and film throughout history. To me this sounds like more of a psychic reading or fortunetelling via algorithm.

(And I won’t go into opinions on the legitimacy of these claims).

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