Ex-LulzSec Member Sentenced To One Year In Prison

A former member of the hacker group Lulz Security, also known as LulzSec, received a one-year sentence for the part he played in the May 2011 hack of Sony Pictures. Cody Andrew Kretsinger was sentenced Thursday in California, according to PC World. After the one-year prison sentence, which he will serve in a federal lock-up, Kretsinger will serve a year of home detention. The judge also ordered him to do 1,000 hours of community service and pay restitution amounting to more than $600,000.

Ex-LulzSec Member Sentenced To One Year In Prison

Authorities say LulzSec went on a hacking spree in the first part of 2011. The group was apparently connected to Anonymous, a well-known international hacking group. LulzSec claimed credit for the hack on Sony Pictures, which targeted the company’s website and leaked customer information from its database. The leaked information included email addresses, phone numbers and names of customers.

Kretsinger was arrested in September 2011 and pleaded guilty to the hacking charges last April. His conspirator in the attack, Raynaldo Rivera, was arrested last year and pleaded guilty back in October. He faces sentencing in the case on May 16.

Former LulzSec leader Hector Xavier Monsegur, was arrested secretly in 2011 and became an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He’s believed to have played a part in the arrest of Kretsinger and Rivera. He was scheduled to be sentenced last August, but after two adjournments in the case, he is set to be sentenced in August. The maximum sentence Monsegur could receive is 124 years, although he will likely receive a small fraction of that because of the assistance he provided to the FBI.

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