Sony Announces Feb. 20 Event Amid PS4 Rumors

Sony Announces Feb. 20 Event Amid PS4 Rumors
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Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) has announced that it’s planning a special event for Feb. 20. Meanwhile rumors about a PlayStation 4 release are circling. The company stopped making the PlayStation 2 in Japan in December, sparking off earlier rumors about the next PlayStation.

Sony Announces Feb. 20 Event Amid PS4 Rumors

Sony made the announcement with the event date by putting up a website with a video that’s basically an animation of the four symbols that appear on PlayStation controllers. At this point Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) is not commenting on the website or giving any potential dates to launch the PlayStation 4. They say that the PlayStation 3 is finally profitable after it sold for years at a loss.

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Computer World reports that the event will be held “to talk about the future of the PlayStation business.” The last event like this one was held in Tokyo in 2011, and that’s when the Sony Vita was unveiled. Each of the first PlayStation consoles was released exactly six years apart, so some would say that we’re due for a new PlayStation right now since the last one came out in 2006.

Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) has invited both media and investors to the event this month, which some believe is a sign that the company will unveil a new console. The Wall Street Journal reports that this month we will get to see the PlayStation 4, but it won’t be released until closer to Christmas.

There have also been reports that rival Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) will release its next generation Xbox this year, the Xbox 720. Nintendo released its new Wii U console just before Christmas in 2012 and has since struggled with sales.

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