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How To Send Private And Encrypted Emails Through Gmail

Normal emails can be intercepted before reaching their recipient. These days, hackers are getting smarter and nothing is safe. So how can you send sensitive and confidential information via an email? Fortunately, this is possible by using a Google Chrome extension. More details after the jump.

SafeGmail allows you send encrypted emails to anyone, even to recipients who are not using Gmail. The only requirement is that ‘you’ (the sender), need to send the email message using Gmail.

The messages are encrypted and decrypted within the browser. Messages remain encrypted in both the senders’ and receivers’ inbox. Also, the messages have an expiration date on them, which means they’ll expire after a certain amount of time.

One notable limitation of SafeGmail is that it doesn’t work with Gmail’s new Compose window. So if you’re using the new Compose feature, you’ll need to click on the small “More” options and then on “Switch back to old compose.” With that in mind, let’s learn how this extension works.

After installing SafeGmail extension, you’ll need to restart Chrome browser and also re-open Gmail (don’t skip this step or else it won’t work). Once you do this, you’ll be able to see an “Encrypt” checkbox in the Compose screen. Fill out the To, Subject, Message body fields and checkmark on “Encrypt.” You’ll now need to enter a security question and answer. Enter a question and an answer that only you and the recipient will know. Remember that the answer is case sensitive, and that neither the question nor the answer should contain any special characters. Once you are done with this, click on the “Send + Encrypt” button.


When the recipient opens the encrypted email, he/she’ll be able to see the email as displayed in the below screenshot. The encrypted message is included as text between dashed lines. Copy this text and click on “Here” link from the message.


Now the recipient will need to enter an answer in the field provided and hit the “Submit” button. If the recipient enters a wrong answer, then he’ll be given two more chances to type the password.


In this Mail Decryption screen, paste the copied email content and then click on the “Show my mail” button.


Finally, here’s how the decrypted message will appear.


SafeGmail is a super encryption system for those who think that their message contains really confidential information that no one should get their hands on. However, recipients will need to know the answer to your question in order to access the message.

Install SafeGmail from Google Chrome Web Store