Earning a Substantial Second Income from Social Media

Earning a Substantial Second Income from Social Media

How much do you actually know about social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)? Did you know that thousands of users are generating a substantial second income from the very same sites that you use to vent and share your feelings? It’s true! Both Twitter and Facebook have become effective ways to increase trading, generate income and create a solid and consistent financial stability resource. In fact, one trading company has started to show business owners how they can invest in these social media platforms to increase their monthly profit margins consistently. The company is Derwent Capital Management, more commonly referred to as DCM – a company that developed their success with a hedge fund that was solely based on Twitter feeds. That’s right, a hedge fund based on Twitter feeds! Their idea was to create a centralized place to educate people to become better traders through education and community involvement.

Social Media

“Social media creates a vast amount of information, and it has been proven that the sentiment derived from it can predict stock market movements,” said Paul Hawtin, DCM’s founder and chief executive. This statement is a powerful one, as it creates a sense of urgency in the minds of individuals by simply presenting an opportunity.  The latest innovation from the company, a platform called “Sentiball” was developed to help investors and traders reach higher spread potential on their stocks and currency exchanges. It uses a color scheme to create a more user-friendly interface that beginners are able to use as well. Using the colors red and green to represent the positive and negative feedback trending from social  media sentiments, users are able to see the popularity of their trades in order to make more accurate decisions on their investments. Their logic behind using social media in trade investments was due to the fact that the owner felt, “We have known for years that the stock market is motivated by fear and greed, but until now we have not had a way to measure that …” What better way to track the potential than straight from the sources?

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Getting the Facts Before Investing

While the ideas that DCM has been implementing over the last few years are lucrative, they have all been short-lived. The Twitter hedge fund, for example, existed for just one month before being liquidated. However, during that one month lifespan, the company (the fund itself) made a 1.85pc return! Impressive! While several other companies have started to incorporated social media into their trading platforms, non have yet to show successful longevity. Twitter is a powerful tool to use for marketing, networking and information sharing, so why wouldn’t it be used for investment research as well. Did you know that Twitter broke the news about the death of Osama bin Laden nearly 20 minutes BEFORE the official press release? If that does not showcase the power of social media, what will?

Social media is being used for much more these days than to just rant and rave on a personal level. Both businesses and investors are continuously finding new ways to utilize these platforms in order to achieve success. Isn’t it time for you to do the same?

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