Search YouTube Music Videos And Create Shareable Playlists With Tubalr

If you browse YouTube regularly, then you may have noticed various elements like advertisements, related videos, comments, and more that create a distraction. If you are searching for a simple way which allows you to browse and share YouTube videos, then you should try out Tubalr.

The developer posted about this app on Reddit saying “What is it? It’s a music app for listening to music content on YouTube. Just type a band’s name and click ‘Just’ or ‘Similar’.”

According to the developer, Cody Jack Stewart, he is not earning anything from this project and this is just a side project for him. In a simple sense, Tubalr is a new way to watch YouTube music videos, without any bells and whistles.

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Search YouTube Music Videos And Create Shareable Playlists With Tubalr

Visit Tubalr and you can see its simple interface. The search bar is what you will need to use to browse for your favorite artists or bands and then you can press the “only” and “similar” buttons. To get started, enter the name of your favorite artist and click on any one of the buttons that interests you. Below the player there are links to other videos it found. You won’t be able to see the thumbnail for each video, but you can click on the link of the video that interests you. Also there are next and previous links, using which, you can browse to other videos.

One feature of Tubalr that really stands out is the ability to create and share playlists. To create a playlist, you will need to sign up for an account. After registering, click on “Add to Playlist” to add the current playing video to your playlist. This button also allows the user to create new playlists. A button from the top named “your playlists” allows you to access all your playlists. You can grab the playlists’ video page URL and share them with others.

On the video page, you can click on the “Remove” to remove a video from the list and play the next video. But if you don’t register, then the same song will be displayed again the next time you search for it.

Tubalr allows you to search for multiple terms that includes more than one artist. Use a semicolon to separate your search terms and hit the “Only” button.

Those who love watching music videos on YouTube should really try out Tubalr. The only problem that I found with this tool is the background, it’s color texture sometimes distracts you from the video. The background should be light in color, but let’s hope things improve in the future. For now, do give it a shot.