Android: Get Colorful LED Notifications On Missed Calls, SMS, & More

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Most Android smartphones or tablets come equipped with an LED notification light. The LED notifications are a great way to find out whether your device has any new notification to show you, without having to turn on the screen. The only limitation of this method is that your phone should have an LED notification light. While most devices have this LED light, not every phone is equipped with it. In such a case, you can use an app like Back Light Notifications (BLN), that uses capacitive touch buttons to double up as LED notification lights, but the only problem with this app is that it requires root access.

Get LED Notifications on Android With LEDBlinker

If you’re unrooted, then you can make use of LEDBlinker app. This app blinks a hardware LED light when you get a missed call, SMS, when your device is low on battery, and in many more conditions. But don’t worry, if your device does not have any hardware LED light, then it creates an LED simulation on the screen.

The paid version of this app supports notifications from Google Mail, Google Talk, Social Network Overview, Facebook messages, WhatsApp messages, and gReader. The Lite (free) version supports LED notifications when your battery is running low (less than 10% remaining).

Android: Get Colorful LED Notifications On Missed Calls, SMS, & More

The LED can be configured in eight different colors and you can set a different color notification for your app/situations. From the Settings, you can activate the Screen LED, choose LED position on the screen, or overwrite system LED.


Overall it can be said that this is a very useful app. This app is a brand new way to know about notifications, without actually having to activate the screen. The app specific control is available only in the paid version and the free version supports missed calls, SMS, and low battery notifications. The best part is that you don’t need to have root access to your phone/tablet.

LEDBlinker Lite can be downloaded for FREE from the Play Store, while the paid version, LEDBlinker Pro, can be purchased for $1.29.

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