Robert Shiller: Romney’s ‘Austerity Plan’ Could Turn US into Europe [VIDEO]

Robert Shiller: Romney's 'Austerity Plan' Could Turn US into Europe [VIDEO]

Robert Shiller conducted several interviews today on the housing market. Robert Shiller discusses the Canadian housing market, where many suspect that a bubble is forming. He specifically focuses on the Canadian city of Vancouver. He also talked about company earnings in one interview. Shiller is the co-founder of the famous Case-Shiller Index and CAPE, which is used to measure earnings on a ten year inflation adjusted basis. Shiller also gets into politics, although Robert Shiller admits he leans to the left, he is in my opinion, one of the only unbiased economists. He thinks that Mitt Romney’s ‘austerity plan’ will cause a recession in the US, and ‘turn the US into another Europe.’ Robert Shiller thinks the US COULD face a lost decade like Spain and Europe. He thinks the euro will survive. He notes that there are signs of another housing bubble, albeit not like the previous one.

The three videos are embedded below:

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