How To Backup Everything In Your Android Phone

Backing up the phone should be given a priority and it should not be ignored. Who knows when the disaster strikes, it’s better to backup your Android phone before you lose or break your phone. Let’s find out how to backup apps, messages, contacts, photos, and more.

Android doesn’t offer any native backup service and therefore you will need to perform a few manual steps. But don’t worry, if you’re not comfortable with these manual steps, then you can always use an app (mentioned at the end of the article) to backup your phone.

Backup Contacts, Settings, Calendar and More

Go to Settings > Privacy and check mark “Back up my data” and “Automatic restore.”

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How To Backup Everything In Your Android Phone

Go to Settings > Accounts and sync. Add your Gmail account and tap on it. Now sync your contacts, Gmail, Picasa and Calendar from here.

Once this is done, your apps, settings, contacts, calendar and email account will be restored whenever you set up your new phone with that same Gmail account.

Backup Photos

Your best bet here is to use an app or manually take backup or copy all photos to your computer. If you are going to use an app for this purpose, then try using the Photobucket Android app. It will automatically transfer photos from your phone to your Photobucket account. If you are using Picasa, then you can use the Perfect Tool for Picasa app which allows media uploading but it doesn’t have automatic upload feature.

If you want to backup your photos manually, then connect your phone to your computer, open the drive, find the DCIM folder and back up those photos to your hard drive.

Backup SMS

SMS Backup + allows users to automatically backup SMS, MMS and call log entries using a separate label in your Gmail. You can also restore SMS and call log entries back to the phone. Also remember to enable the IMAP in Gmail settings section before using this app.

Apart from all these options, you can always use Dropbox to backup your phone’s data like images and videos and transfer them to your Dropbox account.

Apps for Android Backup

For rooted Android phones:
If you have a rooted phone, then you can use the Titanium Backup app. This is the most powerful backup tool on Android, and its features list is very long. Apart from backing up the data to SD card, it can also backup to the cloud with the help of Dropbox, Box and Google Drive.

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For non-rooted Android phones:
If you have not rooted your phone, then your best bet is My Backup. This is a 30 days trial for MyBackup Pro, which is a paid version of the app. This is by far the most easy-to-use app to back up everything like app data, photos, call logs, contacts, settings, and more. You can move all these to SD card or to online server at no extra cost.