How To Backup And Download All Your Twitter Tweets To PC

Twitter is addictive and fun. We love scrolling that endless timeline of ours and reading those 140 characters of tweet. If you’re the one who likes to keep a backup of everything, be it your offline life (local files) or online life, then you should also backup your Twitter account.

Many people don’t know that Twitter stores only the last 3200 most recent Tweets you have posted. I do agree that many people will think that 3200 is, itself, a big figure and many of you may not have passed this figure yet. But if you’re searching for an easy solution to backup and download all your tweets to your computer, then read on.

Tweet Backup is an online tool that can backup your tweets. Once you have authorized this service to use your Twitter account, you can then download your tweets in CSV, Text, and HTML formats to your computer. This is very useful if you don’t want your tweet to get mixed up or lost in the Twitter jungle. Here’s how this tool works.

    1. From the home page, click on “Sign up now using Twitter.” You’ll now be redirected to Twitter.

How To Backup And Download All Your Twitter Tweets To PC

    1. Enter your Twitter login credentials and click on “Authorize app.”

    1. Once authorized, you can now proceed to the step 2. Enter your email address in the space provided, and also uncheck “Tweet the following message”, if you don’t want to tweet this message.

  1. Lastly, note that you will be following TweetBackup on Twitter automatically, and this is compulsory in order to proceed. Once done, click on “Sign Up.”

Return to the home page of this app and click on the “Export” tab, as here is where the fun begins. From here, you can backup (or Export, in the words of this app) your tweets. Select the export format by clicking on the CSV, Text or the HTML option.

You will be able to download all your tweets instantly. This is a very easy to use tool to backup Twitter and then view those tweets on your computer. Try it out from below link.

Visit Tweet Backup

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