Bing Launches New Tool To Help Users Find Facebook Friend Photos


Bing wants to make it easier for their users to search photos on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). The new tool is called Friends Photos, and it allows users to search the website for specific photos that their friends posted.

Bing Launches New Tool To Help Users Find Facebook Friend Photos

Users can easily search for photos by clicking on the photo to the right of the sidebar, as it shows images that are relevant to your search and it will move you to the new search tool. Fortunately, this tool only shares photos that were meant to be shared. This tool will only work if you connect Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) with Bing.

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Bing’s integration with Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is a good idea, and I believe it will receive a good response. In a day and age when search engines have to compete with popular social media websites, it’s important to team up with these types of websites, to ensure that they create a unique user experience and play down their competitive sides. I wonder if and when Bing will find even more ways to utilize Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) in their search tools, especially since both companies have somewhat of an alliance together, and have worked together previously to enhance the social media/search experience for Bing users.

The alliance between Bing and Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is beneficial for both companies. It will help both companies increase their exposure and gain more users, which is the bottom line. Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) already incorporates Google+ into their search engine results, so why can’t other major search engines?  People are more likely to use Bing if they discover that it will help them with their Facebook experience. Let’s just hope that both companies use this opportunity to promote their new tool and increase user rates. Only time will tell if this new photo search tool is a success, but I am pretty positive that it will be.

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