Start8 Brings Back The Start Menu in Windows 8

Start8 Brings Back The Start Menu in Windows 8

Windows 8 comes with some significant changes that Windows users have never seen before. One of the most disliked changes of Windows 8 is the removal of the Start menu. Windows users are used to the familiar Start menu, which has been around since Windows 95, and that’s the reason why most users are going to miss this Start menu.

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But there’s a way to get back the Start menu in Windows 8, thanks to the Start8 app from Stardock. This app is in Beta right now and can be downloaded and tried out for free. It definitely helps those users who are really missing the Start menu after switching to Windows 8.

Start8 Brings Back The Start Menu in Windows 8

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As you can see in the screenshots, this Start menu is Windows 7 styled but with a few Windows 8 enhancements like:

  • Search for Windows 8 Metro apps right from Start menu
  • Unified Search
  • Pin desktop and Metro apps
  • Support for Jump Lists
  • Shortcuts for shut down, devices, music, documents, videos

One feature of this app that’s really worth liking is that it allows users to boot directly to the Windows 8 desktop (like we’re used to till now), instead of the Start screen. The additional options like shut down, control panel, devices, documents, etc can also be accessed from this Start menu.

If you really want the Start menu in Windows 8, then Start 8 is what you should definitely give a try. Since, it’s in Beta, it can be downloaded for free, but it may be a paid app once the final version releases.

The only system requirement for Start8 is that your PC should be running Windows 8.

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