This Could Be iPhone 5’s Final Design [PHOTO]

This Could Be iPhone 5’s Final Design [PHOTO]
JESHOOTS / Pixabay
This Could Be iPhone 5's Final Design [PHOTO]
Source: Pixabay

Although the iPhone 5 has yet to arrive, tech writers and analysts everywhere are trying to obtain new information regarding the phone’s design or specs. After months of endless analyzations and rumors, we might be one step closer to seeing what the sixth generation Apple smartphone will look like.

A website called shared an image(see above) of what appears to be a build design(not an actual working phone).  This build was probably made by manufacturers who want to test how the new phone design will fit in third-party cases. The new iPhone isn’t expected to arrive until September or October.

The iPhone 5 is currently rumored to feature a four-inch display, smaller-19 pin dock connector, NFC, 4G LTE, and a thinner body.  The build design that’s featured in the photos looks similar to other rumored leaks, and it appears to have all the features that the next phone is reported to have, like the smaller dock connector and headphone jack that’s located on the left bottom side. This really means nothing though, because Apple has yet to make any confirmations regarding the future of their smartphone.

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Hopefully, Apple is gearing up to introduce their highly-anticipated smartphone.  After months of waiting, and hearing nothing about it during the Worldwide Developers Conference back in June, Apple fans are getting tired of waiting.  Not only that, but Apple’s earnings during the past quarter have dropped and Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphones have taken the lead in sales. It’s only a matter of time until Apple comes out with a more impressive smartphone, but are people ready to wait a little bit longer?

Yesterday, it was reported that during a chat between a Barclay’s analyst and Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook, the latter might have revealed a little bit about when we can expect the next iPhone. Although he didn’t exactly give a straightforward answer, he did ignite hope that it won’t be too much longer until we finally see the iPhone 5.

With all these rumors about the next big Apple smartphone, we continually have to wonder how much longer will it be until the smartphone merges with the tablet, or if we will ever see brand new invention that takes the world by storm much like the iPod, iPhone, and iPad?  If any tech company is the catalyst of modern technology, it would be Apple. Maybe this is why I’m starting to wonder if the next iPhone won’t really be an “iPhone” after all, and instead become a new tech product with phone capabilities.

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