iPhone 5 Coming September 21st, Says Reports

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iPhone 5 Coming September 21st, Says Reports

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It looks like Apple’s iPhone 5 may arrive one month earlier than anticipated. We’ve got more rumors indicating the sixth generation iPhone will arrive on September 21st, instead  of October as it was originally reported.

Two websites with a less than stellar reporting record, App4Phone and PhoneArena, have cited unnamed sources who claim that Apple’s next smartphone will debut in stores in late September. These rumors are still just rumors right now, and nothing has been confirmed.

Although the iPhone is the most anticipated gadget of the season, people are still wondering what to expect from the next generation. The last few months have brought us many rumors, some of which regard a new design and features. Some of the most intriguing rumors claim that the new phone would feature a liquid metal case and nano-SIM card. The latter rumor is still going strong, so it might be a possible reality.

As we know, Apple never likes to divulge details about future products, but that didn’t stop the company’s chief executive officer Tim Cook from throwing out a hint as to what we can expect.

In a recent chat with Barclay’s analyst regarding the iPhone, Cook said, “It’s difficult to sort out. I am fairly convinced that there’s an incredible anticipation out there for a future product. And as you would expect, given what we would be able to deliver in the past…it’s a reasonable amount. In terms of channel inventory, we put our current thinking in the guidance (CFO Peter Oppenheimer) provided you.”

This sounds like a pretty vague response but at least it confirms something. Whether he’s talking about the iPhone 5, or perhaps, another project will remain to be seen. All we know right now is that Apple has some great products for us in the near future.

We’re 99% sure that Apple will release iPhone 5 in the near future, but we’re not certain exactly when. We also have no idea what to expect from it. Will it be another iPhone 4s with a few extra features and upgrades? Or will it have new, distinctive features? Jonny Evans, from Computer World, speculates that it may diversify it’s range of models, which means it may soon debut three versions including low cost and premium cost versions.

If Apple decides to diversify their iPhone models, it might take a hit in their sales. People associate the iPhone with premium quality, and offering lower-priced versions could  tarnish that image.  It’s the same reason many people don’t like Android phones. If Apple decides to offer more options in different price ranges, I think they should consider all their options beforehand.


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