Jim Cramer: Jamie Dimon is a Loser and He Knows it Video


This video is making its rounds around the internet. Jim Cramer calls JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon a “loser”, after Dimon’s testimony today before Congress. Cramer stated that anyone who goes before Congress is a loser. Cramer states that Dimon himself is a loser.  Cramer uses the loser word about 20 times during the segment.

Below is the full video and computer transcript:

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he’s a loser.how? you lose when you go in and out of senator. anyone that declares him a winner. you don’t want to be him. he’s pleased with himself. a jig in front of the cameras. that’s wrong. not everybody that’s pleased with themselves is right. you think –walked in a loser. testified. what do you think about the stock?walked out a loser. he agrees with me. he knows he’s a loser with no control and doesn’t even know what happened in his own bank. really? yes. turn the tables on them. like what do you do? he’s not — didn’t perjure himself? no. a loser. crisis pr is psychiatry. i don’t know how he handles it himself. you go in there as a guy that’s stupid, you don’t come out being smarter.you don’t. you come out just as stupid. how does it play snout.stock’s cheap. different issue. the stock gained after thetestimony. well, but he’s a loser. he’s a loser. i mean, he would say, listen. i came in there and i was a loser and walked out — i don’t think he’s like, wow, i beat those guys. this is not — it’s not senator kerry saying i have to leave t room. there is no winner.this is not nevada gaming licenses. he said the stock is cheap.that’s different. that’s a different world. okay. a different world. i don’t know if you can have both, jim. a loser and say the stock is cheap. well, the shareholders lost a fortune. maybe they’re starting to come back. he said claw backs which i like. he’s a loser. it’s okay, man. he’s a loser. maybe next year he’ll be awinner but he is a loser. okay.

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