Donald Yacktman: Valuation of The Stock market “amazing”

On this week’s Consuelo Mack WealthTrack, why one Great Investor calls the values in the stock market“amazing!” Don Yacktman, the founder and co-manager of the Yacktman Fund and a finalist for Morningstar’s 2011 Domestic Manager of the Year award has a history of spotting value. His funds have placed in the top one percent of all large cap mutual funds over the past three, five, ten and fifteen year periods.

Donald Yacktman discusses some of his favorite stocks, which includes Pepsi, Newscorp, Cisco and Microsoft

Yacktman stated recently  “Our approach won’t work every quarter or every year,” “but over 10 years it will.” And so it has, as his funds have beaten the S&P500 by wide margins over the past ten years. Yacktman funds have returned `11% annually over the past ten years.