Warren Buffett with More on Why he Wont Buy FB IPO

In reference to the Facebook IPO, Warren Buffett says “we aren’t in a bubble phase,” adding that what’s happened with Facebook is “extraordinary

we’ll try to pay attention to that. and drool doesn’t know a whol lot about. people were stunned when he got into ibm chair because he always said he doesn’t want invest things he did say he would not be investing in state be. then i asked him does it remind him of anything we were saying in the late 90s with the dot krom p come raises. listen to what he had to say to that. we aren’t in any — it’s extraordinary what happened to that company. we have not long it happen go way the last few days. so it is not a bubble. so this is not what we were seeing in late 1999 all the way into 2001, early even. he doesn’t understand he’s not going to touch it. pu alsos will had had to saech times before. we had a chance to talk about a lot of be different things.